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distinguishable dance music only!

 I won’t bother with trying to argue that New Jersey has redeeming values which has nothing to do with a popular television right now, I’d only be validating them by mentioning names. On to more interesting topics, this piece of vinyl has been highly anticipated and although I usually am one to turn my back to hype, I love how the hype came almost two decades after this music was released. Meaning these tunes withstood the test of time and the world is ready and dying to hear classic, unadulterated honest sounds of house music. The vocalist in “Like A” gets under my skin, this one is in my record collection now and will soon be put under the needle and belted through the speakers for you to enjoy in a proper setting.

If you would like to do some of your own diggin’ and perhaps un-earth more goodies, head over to discogs and search Bottom Line Records and Movin’ Records. Both in active now but have something to be discovered today. Jerzzey Boy released stuff on Bottom Line in the early 90’s.

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