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distinguishable dance music only!

Continuous DJ Mix, all Vinyl DOWNLOAD.

Here is a great example of how classic tunes can be unearthed and when listened in contrast to the shroud of modern clubby electronic tracks stand out in such a fun and refreshing way.  This mix is a great lesson, for me personally, into variation, something many forms of modern house seem to have forgotten.  When formulation and rigid structure take over on the floor the surrounding bodies feel more like shrinking walls.  Instead the sound should create an atmosphere like a fun-house full of warped mirrors, where the individuals surrounding you can be thought as contorted yet fresh reflections of yourself.  When truly considered going out is just that, the deliberate and organized industry of peeking into others lives and putting yourself on display.  What silly circumstances we humans construct for that innate curiosity huh?

The records in this mix hopefully stir these themes around in your head.

In this mix you will find mostly 90’s house, early to late, and just a tidbit of stuff from the early 00’s.


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