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Rob Mello “Where Are You”

Rob Mello brings in the late release on the superbly conceptualized, aesthetically repetitious (in a positively striking way), and aurally evolving label, Popular People’s Front. The label has some sought after cuts, really workable tracks that are in every way meant for a dance floor. Working in the disco influences over a series of EP’s on the original label, the Special-Ops sub label has taken a deeper dive in the realm of warm rounded electronic bliss. It’s the stand alone venture of Popular People’s Front, and although Rob Mello mainly earned his chops in the disco edit infusion realm he too is taking a dive. Albeit a less energizing release on the label the energy is still present. It represents that energy in a night out when you know you’re in the thick of it all, when it’s more of a daze, the moment you don’t necessarily remember quite clearly but want to get back to and remember exactly what you were feeling.

According to info released for the EP, the PPF label had been trying to track down the master mixes of Touch Somebody for a while and finally restored a version now. Supposedly this was a late 80’s Chicago house tune, don’t quote me though I don’t date that far back! But if true it shows how a sound can resurface and sound as fresh as ever.

As an over all anecdote to this release it’s also worthy to mention the continuum of music. The recent slowmo house and disco infused tracks have been getting a lot of play and praise lately. Taking a look at Rob Mello’s releases on Azuli shows that it has been done before. The beauty of this for a new generation of listeners and DJ’s is that while there is an amazing pool of music to choose from present day releases when you dig you can find just as many gems waiting to be played out again. Coming full circle like that is always rewarding, and while some people are all about reinventing the wheel, sometimes a different perspective on something that already works is all you need. This is a great example.

Take a look at the catalog of the Popular People’s Front
And listen to the catalog of the Disco Elements releases on Azuli Records from the 90’s. (In particular listen to “Keep on Keeping On” from the first Volume from back in ’92 a perfect example of the sought after sound today)

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