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distinguishable dance music only!

This being the latest installment on Prime Numbers, Trus’me’s label, is reason enough to anticipate the release. Couple that with the fact that Fudge Fingas has had intoxicating tracks on Firecracker Recordings alongside Linkwood and there is no question there will be a tidbit of hype behind this full length LP.


Thoughts on a few of the stand-outs.

Singularity – Things get started with a slick muted electro-esque bass line and quickly thereafter upbeat percussion picks you up off the ground. You then start strolling along with a couple of sustained synthesizers as guides and some where along the way the bass line decides to get all frisky on you. Right when you decide you are enjoying the new skip in your step the sonic signals veer left and take on a new arrangement. The reigns are held tight on you and lifted upwards. Things gently come to a close and you are left with a bit of a tingle in your spine.




It’s About Time – The vocals are reminiscent to William Hall’s poetry reading in DJ Q’s “We Are One” from back in ’96 where you hear that almost jarring yet intriguing Scottish or similarly Irish accent in a house track. The utmost offsetting characteristic in this track is it’s stimulating sustained high note. It’s the best I’ve heard in a while. It’s a well known fact that the sustained high note is a classic and dearly beloved tool in house music, and when a track comes along and puts that refreshing twist on it, you don’t soon forget. That’s precisely what sets Gavin Sutherland’s production work apart.

“It’s About Time”



Me & U – Heavily repetitive, and obviously to effect. Conducive to letting your thoughts drift off, at least until the direction is fully realized, but then the track shifts gears and commands you in full. The song gets much more cheerful then your typical deep repetitive number when the introduction of the most prominent electronic instrument comes midway and carries you gently up into a tepid realm of rhythm. The vocals, which are a trademark throughout the LP, hit the spot in this one. The instrumentation is playful and the the overall selection of sounds serve as an enhancement to the simplistic spoken word vocals. Overall, the feeling of reflection comes to mind in this one.

“Me & U”

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