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“Find a Way”




“If The Feeling’s Right”




6th Borough Project is known for its’ exploration into forgotten soul, funk & disco. It isn’t in the “edit” camp, it’s more about constructing complete reinterpretations from just a few borrowed measures of an original. It makes for a really distinguishable sound, the kind of sound you know came from the group or from respected peers in the scene who are tapped into the same stream.

This one caught my eye for a couple of reasons. The first being that Delusions of Grandeur went for a fresh aesthetic design and the second being that 6th Borough Project, aka Craig Smith & Graeme Clark, were the first to turn me onto slowmo house and disco. An earlier track called “Slow Down Baby” by 6th Borough was the first to take me down to such a low tempo and still rock my body. At a time where I was all about higher tempo tech house, (the likes of Cadenza, Material Series, and artist’s like Kreon & Lemos), this track changed my perception entirely. I took the track title quite literally; I slowed down and shaved around ten to fifteen BPM to the records I was buying for a good amount of time. I was loving the fact that my mind could keep up with my body and the beat while dancing.

This present release has fully cemented my appreciation for the collaboration known as 6th Borough Project. Seeing artists move across the spectrum into different feelings of dance music is something I love. I first listened to this release on a hot March day and was taken away to dreams of a kicked back party under the sun. It’s not what I expected from them and that is precisely what took me over the edge. Smith and Clark ventured out of their successful formula and into some of the more lethargic summer grooves of house music on this release. Not to worry though, they still threw in one of their signature slowmo chuggers for good measure (If The Feeling’s Right) and it definitely hits the spot. My personal favorite track of the release is the melancholic groove “Changin.” When I hear this track I personally find myself in a moment of bittersweet bliss were my thoughts are at odds; pleasure is competing with the fact that the moment will pass and only be a memory. No biggie though, I ordered the vinyl and I can replay that moment over and over again now 🙂

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