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distinguishable dance music only!

The Phenomenal Handclap Band

Over at Mesa this Wednesday (April 27th) the Phenomenal Handclap Band SOUNDSYTEM will be guests at Scotty Coat’s summer season residency. The 8 person band will leave their instruments at home and instead put their records to good use. The band’s live act is known for their enveloping stage presence and eclectic blend of disco, rock, soul, and psychedelia. Granted their DJ set won’t have the bonus entertainment of watching live musicians but if the music selections for their DJ set is anything like their musical selection for their blog my best guess is their DJ set will be something definitely worth hearing. I’ll be hoping to hear them play some of their own tunes as well. One of their biggest tunes and one of my favorites, “You’ll Disappear,” has got some great remixes by Prins Thomas and Jaques Renault. Mesa is rarely a dancing spot but I hope they drop this one and people really let loose and get down.


Full length remix of “You’ll Disappear” by Jaques Renault.



Mesa is located at:
725 Baker Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626



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