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Jay Shepheard & Matthew Burton – Liberal Zee
“Liberal Zee” from the latest installment on Retrofit has been informally named “that track with the live bass.”


If you aren’t acquainted with Retrofit yet it is one to watch out for. I personally have picked up every piece since the label was created and I’m awaiting #5 now. In my perspective Retrofit is the culmination of sounds that take a look back and and a greater look forward in regards to dance music; meaning the sounds of the past are reinvented and revamped. The label isn’t really about laying old samples over new tracks it’s more about laying the influences of the past and present into the robust sounds of the future. And the tracks are true to the labels name; they are really good for mixing in with records of yesteryear. In one of my own mixes (Jackin’ Basement Brew) you can hear Chez Damier’s untitled track on KMS 049 from back in ’93 mixed in with “Movin’ In” from Retrofit #1 as if 17 years never passed. I have a feeling these tunes will withstand the test of time, they will continue to resurface again and again in the future.


Here are samples of the rest of the EP. (These mark a new turn for the label, they are the most minimalistic by far).


“Just You”


“Just You” (Matthew & Kates remix)

This release is available digitally as well —> Digital [Retrofit 5]

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