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distinguishable dance music only!

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Highly looking forward to our monthly gig at Avalon Bar this upcoming Saturday. I’ve been going through my music and been building up a set that demands you move your body. I have been really anxious for a straight up good time and going to put it in the hands of the funkyness that is the grooving bass of DISCO. I have got my hands on some classic originals from the disco era and some fresh edits and re-visions. It’s looking to be a good night. We have friends coming through with SUBWOOFERS and paintings for the walls. And of course you can expect the usual mix of genuinely intriguing and off kilter patrons that Avalon Bar seems to attract.


Join me and Miikey for our usual un-usualness this Saturday May 14th from 9-2am. (Martin will back in June)
Avalon Bar is located at:
820 West 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


I ordered this absolute killer from ’76 and it’s in my crate 😉