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distinguishable dance music only!


I came across this while on a major hunt for a stand out piece of work. I knew it was this one when I heard it. This is the first release on the label Discaire. After reading info on there website and admiring the pictures on their FB page, I like them even more. They are in their infancy but have really pulled together a solid concept. I can’t speak for them but I feel like they are going for a heavy and out of this world trip into the darkest corners and wildest happenings of the disco era. The sound is climactic, dramatic, and brave.

I would play this along side Brassica’s “The Centre” or RetroGrade’s “Moda.” I would also use it as a an elevating psyched out thought provoker after a good dose of proper energetic disco. Needless to say I’m looking forward to more. I hope to be surprised once again when the next one is out.


An excerpt from the Discaire website:

“You discover dance floors for dancers, sound systems for lovers and realize it was as though you had never left.”


Dig the music? Stay connected with them on Facebook or better yet on their website.

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