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distinguishable dance music only!

This Thursday is lookin’ good for a night of record rotations hosted by Ubiquity Record’s own Thomas PM. If you know Ubiquity Records you know they are the epitome of a well rounded record label. They keep their taste well in tune with the vast under current of music and keep an eye out for pressing everything from jazz to beats to minimal dubbed out techno. Listen to the release NOMO – Rocket #9 [UR12202] and see for yourself how eclectic the sound is. That particular release has the massive Matthew Dear remix on it from 2006. If your head was wrapped around the happenings of Circo Loco DC10 you remember this track. I definitely have had my fill of minimal but this one remains the stand out track of the time period for me.


You won’t be hearing minimal techno being played out here, although I have dropped Matthew’s NuTones remix there one night. I’ll be playing my 90’s house records, this particular night. I’ve got my thoughts swimming around the sounds of Todd Terry and the NYC Sound. I have been keeping these records mostly to myself and only dropping a garagey tune here and there, but this time around it’s going to be the staple of my set.


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