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distinguishable dance music only!

Deep Space Orchestra is one of those sounds that are uniquely electronically composed. Chris Barker’s and Si Muray’s moniker fits them well, their production style heavily leans towards the side of electronic synthesizers and instruments versus sampling and looping (not that they don’t use them) and their work comes out sounding like a jazz duo gone galactic. The grooves are friendly, accessible, yet out of this world. I would put them at par with other artists who are focusing in on the synthesizers, for instance MCDE’s recent work “Monorail,” or Metro Area’s work from early 2000’s.

This release is on the label Delusions of Grandeur, which is responsible for some of the best in the slowmo disco/house sound and the recent LP release by 6th Borough Project’s “One Night In the Borough.” It isn’t an easy gig to be next on the press after a release like that, but Deep Space Orchestra’s “Lo Pan” picked it up and kept things interesting with a truly fresh sound. Lo Pan also gets a remix by Trickski. The track takes on a whole new life with a moody electrofied bass and vocals portrayed as a message from the far reaches of the void. The vocals have a similar feel to the recent Trickski track on the label Suol, “Point 0”. Last on the EP, “Disarm,” orchestrates a deep space venture accompanied by some disco strings, the rhythm is persistent, moves forward and doesn’t look back.


I’m diggin’ the double clap in the original and love the vocals in the Trickski remix, “Somethings waiting for you in deep space, it’s your own ice cold face.” Classic!


Also look out for Deep Space Orchestra’s label Use of Weapons. It’s brand spanking new, and definitely worth a listen.

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