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distinguishable dance music only!


A first release! I always love first releases, they seem to breathe life into me. I think it has something to do with the possibilities that lye ahead and the surprises that are sure to arise from a fresh label. You just don’t know where they might take their sound, and that is what I love.

A lot of 4/4 modern club house thrives on formulaic production, and although this release has some good heavy club sounds, it steers clear of predictable formulas, it keeps things interesting. This release takes that heavy club sound and gives it flavor and variation.

This release encompasses a lot of my taste for dance music as well. I still love the pounding thumping sounds, but I tire easily when production neglects my mind and doesn’t give a proper attempt to doing something fresh. This release isn’t your typical 4 cut EP of more or less of the same club production. The A side and B side almost seem like they wouldn’t even be on the same release because they vary so much. The A-Side to this release is the quality go to tracks for that late night period of continuous entrancing rhythm. The B-side is where things really get interesting. B1 is an ode to the menacing sounds and B2 is the mood lightener that leaves you feeling nostalgic to those 80’s electro boogie sounds.


A Side
Acid Mondays – “Fomo”

Sean Thomas – “Fantasizer”


B side
DJ Ali – “Park Your Mind”

Garry Todd – “Dice Me Up”


It looks like they have two more tracks for this release that aren’t on the 12″ vinyl, perhaps they will be released later as a digital version. You can hear those tracks at the their soundcloud page. And you can keep in touch with them on facebook.

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