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No More Hits is back with one of my personal favorite producers, Nicholas Iammatteo. This 4 track EP is chock full of those classic re-interpretations Nicholas and the No More Hits label are loved for. I asked Nicholas about the EP and he let me in on some of what went into this release.


Nicholas’ favorite on the EP is the second track on side A entitled “If This World.” The vocals are taken from Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell’s song “If This World Were Mine.” The track leaves the classic soulful vocals for the most part completely true to the original but layers it over some of that deep electric 90’s 4/4.

Nicholas – If This World

Marvin Gaye & Tammy Terrell – If This World Were Mine



“World of Confusion” is a heavy enthralling 85 BPM edit of Undisputed Truth’s 70’s psychedelic funk song “Ball of Confusion.” This is actually Nicholas’ second edit he has ever made, it was produced a year ago and is finally being released now.
Nicholas – World of Confusion

Undisputed Truth – Ball of Confusion


My favorite track on the EP is “I Know a Place.” The horns in this track get my blood pumping and the vocalist’s message is so great, “I know a place where they don’t care who you are, or who you know.”
Nicholas – I Know a Place


B1 is another good soulful re-interpretation, it’s tracks like this one where you understand the aural appeal No More Hits is after. Classic talented vocalists and musicians getting a chance at reaching a new generation and another chance at filling floors with a revamped production. This track has a lot going on in it, guitars wailing, a vocalist belting his soul out onto the floor, and a chunky beat to keep things going.
Nicholas – Can You Understand

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