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distinguishable dance music only!

I swear I don’t listen to music and think to myself “Oh that’s a cover of the so-and-so-group from 19-somethin-somethin, and as a matter of fact it was also redone by so-and-so.”

But sometimes I do figure out where music overlaps and borrows from each other and this is one instance I got excited about.

In this instance I was turned on to some good tunes while listening online to some selections by a couple of DJ’s in the OC and LB area. DJ Cocoe and Conor Rogan.

Cocoe shared “Dub Be Good to Me” by Beats International on FB and then only moments later when I played Conor’s mix on soundcloud I hear The Revenge’s version. Pretty strange that I hear two different versions of a song one after another just by coincidence.

At first I thought, “Oh cool The Revenge sampled this track that Cocoe just shared.” But I did some more research and found out that on The Revenge’s version the female vocalist of Crazy Penis, Danielle Moore, did her own rendition of the original by the S.O.S Band, “Just Be good To Me.” Hearing all of these different versions and finding out how many talented artists are connected by this one song is so great to me, I love when the pieces fall together like that!

Here are all three versions, all of them are great. 🙂


S.O.S Band – Just Be Good To Me


Beats international – Dub Be Good To Me


The Revenge feat. Danielle Moore – Just Be Good To Me

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