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From the amount of times I mention Italian producer Nicholas, you might think I have some bias for Italy. But truth be told I simply just love the energy and sound coming from this scene. Nicholas has showed me aspects of house I wasn’t aware of and now Simoncino has taken me another step deeper. Simoncino is quickly coming to the forefront of my thoughts when I consider what sort of house tracks I want to play out. This release comes soon after one of my favorite releases of summer; his “Beat the Street EP” on Mathematics Recordings.

Simoncino seems to be somewhat of a master of those 80’s era claps and is brave enough to bring those airy pads back into house, “All Night” is a perfect example of his unique outlook & explorations in house. Nicholas has a solid grip on the skill of sampling and looping to produce a solid groove, the piano sample in “Holdin’ On” is no exception. It’s one of his best productions and properly fitted on the Quintessential imprint.


Simoncino – All Night

Nicholas – Holdin’ On

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