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Monthly Archives: August 2011


Located at:
820 West 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

On Saturday August 27th the Double Fisted Underground is joining up with one of NYC’s hometown heroes, Dennis Citizen Kane. Dennis is known for his collaboration with Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area on the Strobe Lodge Parties that take place in various lofts of NYC in a true labor of love fashion and for his production work on the labels Disques Sinthomme & Ghost Town.

Dennis will be spinning alongside the DFU crew:
Scotty Coats (DFA, Rong)
Poppa (Green Butter Boys)
Dirty Lo (Rong, Smash Hits)

The Beat Broker – Cactus Cooler (Citizen Kane’s White Night Riot Mix)

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Here is a look back at a 90’s UK house label founded by Rob Mello and Zaki D. I’ve picked up the first four “Jump Cutz” that were produced in my favorite half of the 90’s (90-95).


Some history…
Rob and Zaki first met in the London borough of Cambden at a now out of business record store called Zoom Records. Their first venture together was under their pseudonym “Disco Elements.” They released six volumes of disco infused house tracks on Azuli Records. Following that was the creation of their label, “Luxury Service.” The first 5 releases on the label were produced by the duo and entitled “Jump Cutz.” The “Jump Cutz” are more or less a continuance on the same theme but include tracks that separate themselves from the disco sound. The “Jump Cutz” include tracks that have a deeper element (Take a listen to “Meditate on This” from volume two for a perfect example).


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Here is a sneak peak of Canyon’s highly anticipated full length album on Modular Recordings. “Circadia” is an ambient intro sequence to the album and “Under a Blue Sky” is a jungle boogie bit that has some real sexy saxophone and an elephant roar. I still can’t decide what is sexier, the elephant or the saxophone. Either way they both work well and I can’t wait to hear this on a dance-floor.


Circadia / Under a Blue Sky


In case you’ve missed the previous sneak preview to their album here it is. (This was also released as an EP in 2010 w/ remixes by Dr.Dunks & Wooden Shijps)
My Rescue


The album is out in November. To stay up to date keep in touch with Canyons here. Also check out their crate minds mix.

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Here is some inspiring deepness that deserves both the attention of mind and body. I imagine using this track as a bench mark for measuring the depth of future productions I hear. I have been immersing myself in the sounds of Virgo Four and Tevo Howard and find this to be a great addition into that exploration.

Looking forward to this being pressed into vinyl, as it should.

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A1 Save the Day
A2 Burning Up
B1 I Can Tell You

If Marcos Cabral is a new name to you, look up his production work under the moniker Runaway (he is one half of the duo) and check out his labels “On the Prowl” and “OTP Party Breaks.” And if you live in LA you might have caught him at Animal Club, a party that takes place in various warehouse spaces in the underbelly of Hollywood/Los Angeles and is hosted by LiesAngels and Joe Bickle. I missed Marcos at Animal Club but luckily I’m not going to miss this record, it has all of the pieces that make a winning recipe for me. Side A is full of those happy-go-lucky 80’s electronic sounds and vibrant female vocals. It’s lighthearted fun at it’s best, and I’m a down right sucker for it. Side B gets deep in a way that seems to be trending right now. It’s also right along the lines of another one of my favorite producers at the moment, Simoncino. If you listen to track B2 entitled “FAB” you will hear the repetitious quick claps that Simoncino also uses. They are definitely a trademark of that 80’s sound. And the synth work is a departure into a more spaced out psychedelic deep versus a soulful deep.

If you are wondering about this new label, I asked Marcos and found out that “Hamilton Dance Records” will be an outlet for him to release anything he wants at any given time since his other labels have a backed up release schedule. So I’m thinking we can expect the tunes on this label to be broadly influenced and not necessarily trying to fit a specific style.

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extra bump (subwoofers!)

Located at:
820 West 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

This month we are looking to new selectors for the dance floor. Guests have been a part of the plan for ZAP! and it is now coming together. Knoe 1 is what you could call a seasoned veteran when it comes to the Orange County circuit. He had a long running event at Proof Bar called Alive N Direct, DJed alongside the Double Fisted Crew and the old ZAP! crew as well. Things come full circle as they say and now Knoe 1 is making his way back over to Avalon Bar for a highly anticipated set of disco cuts and dance deviations. And he is much more than just a DJ, take a listen to some of his personal edits.

West Coast Disko Dub

Microwave Boogie

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