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distinguishable dance music only!

A1 Save the Day
A2 Burning Up
B1 I Can Tell You

If Marcos Cabral is a new name to you, look up his production work under the moniker Runaway (he is one half of the duo) and check out his labels “On the Prowl” and “OTP Party Breaks.” And if you live in LA you might have caught him at Animal Club, a party that takes place in various warehouse spaces in the underbelly of Hollywood/Los Angeles and is hosted by LiesAngels and Joe Bickle. I missed Marcos at Animal Club but luckily I’m not going to miss this record, it has all of the pieces that make a winning recipe for me. Side A is full of those happy-go-lucky 80’s electronic sounds and vibrant female vocals. It’s lighthearted fun at it’s best, and I’m a down right sucker for it. Side B gets deep in a way that seems to be trending right now. It’s also right along the lines of another one of my favorite producers at the moment, Simoncino. If you listen to track B2 entitled “FAB” you will hear the repetitious quick claps that Simoncino also uses. They are definitely a trademark of that 80’s sound. And the synth work is a departure into a more spaced out psychedelic deep versus a soulful deep.

If you are wondering about this new label, I asked Marcos and found out that “Hamilton Dance Records” will be an outlet for him to release anything he wants at any given time since his other labels have a backed up release schedule. So I’m thinking we can expect the tunes on this label to be broadly influenced and not necessarily trying to fit a specific style.

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