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distinguishable dance music only!

Here is a sneak peak of Canyon’s highly anticipated full length album on Modular Recordings. “Circadia” is an ambient intro sequence to the album and “Under a Blue Sky” is a jungle boogie bit that has some real sexy saxophone and an elephant roar. I still can’t decide what is sexier, the elephant or the saxophone. Either way they both work well and I can’t wait to hear this on a dance-floor.


Circadia / Under a Blue Sky


In case you’ve missed the previous sneak preview to their album here it is. (This was also released as an EP in 2010 w/ remixes by Dr.Dunks & Wooden Shijps)
My Rescue


The album is out in November. To stay up to date keep in touch with Canyons here. Also check out their crate minds mix.

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