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distinguishable dance music only!

Vinyl is expensive, so you got to love it when you know you are truly getting some bang for your buck. This double LP sampler is absolutely that. This sort of release is refreshing. I feel like I am absolutely splurging in picking up a whole bunch of new tracks from new artists, but it’s all on one release.

Future Times is based out of Silver Spring, MD & Washington, DC. Two places that are probably not on the radar for most of us. So bust out your map and put a big gold glittery star over those cities because there is definitely some quality music coming your way from those two locations.


Here are some of my favorite from the sampler

Juju & Jordash – “Musketache”


Hunee – “Folga”


Steve Summers – “Uncollected Groove” (Snippet)


Confused House – “Concrete” (snippet)

Make sure to check out the rest of the release because there are five more tracks I haven’t shared here, all of them hold their own.

And for free edits and vinyl rips from the Future Times people visit there website. There are probably 40 or more free downloads! Future Times

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