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distinguishable dance music only!

Eric Duncan has been hitting the spot for me as far as the craft of the edit goes lately. I am the kind of listener who loves to get the full fledged vocal rendition out of an edit. Only teasing a split second vocal snippet in an edit can really get a dance floor wound up but if there isn’t that release into the full rendition then I am left feeling cheated. Dunks does it proper on the B side for sure, in my opinion that is the winner. It is a solid restructure and mastering of Crown Heights Affair’s “Say a Prayer for Two.”

A side is an extended jam session that could have stood alone without any vocals and been a solid track, which pretty much goes contrary to what I said, but the instrumentation is on point. That is where this is a winner, selection. The vocals though aren’t to be under estimated, they are teased in perfectly and when the vocal rendition is finally released, is a great addition. Pure dancers delight.


Side B – “On Your Knees”

Side A – “Dunks Got The Answer”

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