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distinguishable dance music only!

This single caught my gaze first of all because of the kitsch graphics, second because there is an instrumental version and third because it was shared via the web by DFA, a label who I’ve trusted to bring me sounds from left field. I love a song with vocals but I also highly appreciate a song that has a powerful enough production to qualify for an instrumental version. It adds to the shelf life.

The song is a cover of Ministry from 1983 and features Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem and Jaun Maclean of… well, himself.

Thinking back to others on DFA, like Black Leotard Front’s “Casual Fridays” and Mock and Toof’s “Underwater,” I’m hoping this gets a 12″ release. I’ve been hurting for more of these jamming instrumentals.

Vocal Version


Download the vocal version at 320kbps here

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