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“Hey man do me a solid, run this note over to Latoya’s house and tell her I can’t make it tonight, alright?”

Text messaging certainly has made the task of flaking on someone so much less painful, hasn’t it? So easy to let our fellow man or woman down through an SMS, a truly victimless crime. But the poor sad folk from the old days actually had to confront an individual face to face or call on the telephone, unless you’re lucky enough to have someone do your dirty work for you and run a note over to Latoya’s house. It’s rough having two women… as the gentlemen states in track B1 on this Strobe Light Honey release.


A “Persia” (Solid State re-edit)
B1″Who Is He?” (Solid State re-edit)
B2″Boom Combined”


About the release…

This piece of wax comes from All Out War label head, Richard Hardcastle. It is released on the vinyl only label run by legendary UK DJ, Terry Farley. Track A, “Persia,” is an edit from the now defunct Chicago label Trax. Richard had submitted it into the remix competition for the 25 year anniversary of the label. Track B1, “Who is He?”, is an edit of Prioritee’s 1987 version of Bill Wither’s funk classic. Richard takes Prioritee’s version cuts some keys out, adds some dub elements from the B-side and layers the male vocalist over the song (originally was just an intro over silence.) It makes for an interesting conversation that the original version lacked. Track B2, “Boom Combined,” is an original piece by Richard that has been under wraps for twelve years now. Needless to say this record has a lot of meaning behind it, you got to love a record that materializes after such a long journey through dance music history.

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