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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Little is known about Tad Wily other than the fact that he is responsible for the Tape Love EP from Smash Hit Music. Habituate had the pleasure of this exclusive interview and mix.

Artwork by Julius Tanag.

1. Isotope 217 – <<
2. Munga – Freak (Munga's Back In The Jungle Baby)
3. Linntronix – Cool Out (Refresh)
4. Christophe – The Force (Lukas mix)
5. Justin Winks vs. Casio Social Club – Rock the Discotheque
6. Albert Cabrera – Ulticut Ups!!! Extreme Cut Up
7. The House Rockers – Everybody Do It
8. The Glimmers – U Rocked My World (Pete Herbert & Tristan Da Cunha Mix)
9. Konk – Your Life (Party Mix)
10. Master Plan – Electric Baile (Commercial Mix)
11. Shep' N Wily – One Night In Puzon
12. Ark – Stoptheball
13. Dimlite – Es Gschänk (Outro)



Q: What style of music do you produce?

A: “I’m not a big fan of genres… but if I had to choose I’d love it to be Swamp Pop, because it’s the coolest genre name out there, but I’m afraid it rather fits Beatport’s ‘Indie Dance’ description. Or you can think of it as a mess done right.”



Q: When it comes to music production, what era’s and artists do you look to for inspiration?

A: “No artists in particular, really. I tend to look for single tunes that have something unusual or inspiring in them. There’s plenty of little gems around that don’t have any important artist name written all over it, but have awful loads of character. I’ve got a soft spot for late 70’s Post Punk/No Wave stuff, early 80’s House, or Rap/Boogie tunes and various fusions of these. I’m also a big fan of weird things and small imperfections; vocals out of tune, distorted hi-hats, noisy guitar cables, etc. These things often add up to the uniqueness of stuff, which to some degree gone missing when people started to produce preliminarily on digital setups.”


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Lip Service is a UK label run by the electronic production group Chicken Lips. The members are Andrew Meecham, Dean Meredith, Jonny Spencer and Stevie Kotey. Andrew and Dean were also the two men behind the early 90’s group Bizarre Inc. You may remember their early nineties warehouse hit “Playing With Knives,” it’s a classic piece of UK rave. The group has come a far ways since those days and have some heavy releases under their belts now.


Here are two standout releases from their label:

Devil’s Tease (CLIP)



Galactica (Emperor Machine remix) (CLIP)

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Here is my early Xmas gift to all of you! 30+ minutes of some of the most deranged disco records that I own. Mixtape cover is of my Dad dancing Zebebekiko around the Christmas tree back in 1980. Enjoy!

1. The Clash – This is Radio Clash [Epic]
2. Trial By fire – Did I Hear Movement? [Speak Recordings]
3. Talking Heads – Slippery People (Cosmic Boogie Edit) [Disco Deviance]
4. Mystery Meat 001 – Side B
5. Torch Song – Prepare To Energize (Edit) [Eros]
6. Michoacan – Broken Heart [Greyhound Recordings]
7. Tantra – Wishbone [Importe/12]


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Cole keeps things rolling on his newest label venture, Licorice Delight, with three pieces of music so far ranging you would guess he went crate digging anywhere from The Salvation Army to Tokyo. I had the opportunity to ask Cole about the release and he gave me some behind the scenes info.


1. House Feels So Good
2. On Fire
3. Halleluhwah


Cole is a crate digger by nature so when asked about his approach to production, his inspiration, more or less, has to do with whatever records he ends up digging out of a dusty crate.

“I’m goning to look for stuff that’s unconventional. Who else would make a slower Chicago sounding track from elevator music like Chuck Mangione’s song ‘Feels So Good’? How many times have you seen his music at a thrift store because people think his music is a joke now? Where I get my inspiration can make total sense, or none at all”

A perfect example of that unconventional sound that Cole works his magic on is his edit of CAN’s “Halleluhwah.” This is an early 1970’s piece of krautrock that deviated from the free-form spastic sounds of the experimental genre to include danceable elements. Cole cleaned up the format, did some tempo correction, and added an acid bass line to make this piece pure ear candy. Cole talks about how he loves the heavy krautrock and disco blend and how it takes him back to the early nineties when he went out to warehouse parties in East LA.

“Reminded me of when they used to play ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in the warehouse parties back in the day. When you had 500+ people in a warehouse in the Eastside of LA, totally rocking out to Nirvana with mickey mouse gloves, mad hatter hats, glow-in-the-dark gear, right in the middle of techno & house sets, it was an amazing thing as cheesy as it might sound today. You don’t really see stuff like that much anymore.”

Cole first heard “Halleluhwah” a couple years back when listening to a mix by Glasgow DJ duo, Optimo. They have been DJing for decades in the United Kingdom with musical freedom as their primary concern. Cole tried to get in touch to get a hold of their version with no luck so he took it upon himself to make his own. He made his first version and tested it out at Club Loop’s anniversary in Tokyo.

“I had a great response, as expected, since most Japanese people tend to have broader tastes when it comes to the dance-floor. Coincidentally, the lead singer of Can is Japanese”

Cole DJing at Club Loop

The Loop DJs

Ramen with friends

To get your piece of Japanese dance floor tested tracks you can buy Eclecticity over at Juno.


In other news, Cole has moved to music full time and after a ten plus year run with his label House Arrest he says he is ready to take it to the next level. Keep an eye out for an upcoming RA mix of his and for more music check out his soundcloud.

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Early in 2012, Proof Bar in downtown Santa Ana will be host to local talent Brando Commando, Steven Ryback, aDJnamedCK, Neo Seo and Danielsan. You might remember Brando Commando as of one the guests from the first Habituate party back in September. You can catch his live recorded set from that night to hold you over until Jan. 5th and you can also find Steve Ryback’s remix of Bill Withers’ funk classic “Who is he?” a couple posts back.


Brando Commando @ Habituate 9-30-11

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Finding myself torn between desiring pure originality and honest to goodness classic tracks, I have decided that I am still leaning towards the classics. I wonder sometimes how long the fad of “they don’t make ’em like they used to” lasts and I am starting to believe it never ends or begins, it’s just a matter of when you jumped on the train. That being said, No More Hits is at the forefront of the classic sounds, from the 90’s “Prescription-esque” deep house of Nicholas to the late 80’s retrospect house of Simoncino and all the corners in-between. For this release they have Andrey Bychenkov, aka Buzz Compass, at the controls. The big tune on this one is definitely “Think About.” Andrey loops up Lyn Collins’ iconic piece “Think About It” for the instrumentals and uses Loleatta Holloway’s acapella from “Crash Goes Love.” This is such a genius blend, it takes Loleatta’s vocals completely out of it’s original 80’s electro context and puts it over raw funk. Sounds like her vocals where meant for this tune and not the original.

Buzz Compass – “Think About”

To buy the record or to listen to the rest of the tracks on the release click the photo above or visit Andrey Bychenkov’s soundcloud.

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