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distinguishable dance music only!

Finding myself torn between desiring pure originality and honest to goodness classic tracks, I have decided that I am still leaning towards the classics. I wonder sometimes how long the fad of “they don’t make ’em like they used to” lasts and I am starting to believe it never ends or begins, it’s just a matter of when you jumped on the train. That being said, No More Hits is at the forefront of the classic sounds, from the 90’s “Prescription-esque” deep house of Nicholas to the late 80’s retrospect house of Simoncino and all the corners in-between. For this release they have Andrey Bychenkov, aka Buzz Compass, at the controls. The big tune on this one is definitely “Think About.” Andrey loops up Lyn Collins’ iconic piece “Think About It” for the instrumentals and uses Loleatta Holloway’s acapella from “Crash Goes Love.” This is such a genius blend, it takes Loleatta’s vocals completely out of it’s original 80’s electro context and puts it over raw funk. Sounds like her vocals where meant for this tune and not the original.

Buzz Compass – “Think About”

To buy the record or to listen to the rest of the tracks on the release click the photo above or visit Andrey Bychenkov’s soundcloud.

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