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distinguishable dance music only!

Two of Habituate’s favorite producers, Jay Shepheard and Tad Wily, team up for the 7th release on Retrofit. Jay and Tad ease on in to things with steady pieces of boogie and 80’s proto house. Track A2, “The Electric Model,” really showcases the unique sound of this duo, the out of tune brass synthesizer that chirps in and out of this piece sounds like Tad’s style and the melodic progression sounds like Jay’s doing. The biggest tune on this release is definitely B2. “Hefty Done Me Right” (TW Dub Cut) is a kitschy funked out late night romper. It blends the perfect amount of sexiness and friskiness. If you are wanting more, keep on the look out for a Shep’ N Wily full length album scheduled for release this year.

Some test pressings still available for a really good price Here.


The following are excerpts.


A1: Hefty Done Me Right

A2: The Electric Model

B1: One Night In Puzon

B2: Hefty Done Me Right (TW Dub Cut)


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