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distinguishable dance music only!

Located at:
4253 Martingale Way
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Soul Clap is Charles Levine & Eli Goldstein and they are coming all the way to OC from Boston. Soul Clap had their first productions released on AirDrop Records and were later picked up by Crosstown Rebels and DJ Kicks. They also have a couple releases on Double Standard with Gadi Mizradhi of Wolf + Lamb. They have really picked up steam as of late and we are lucky to catch these guys while they are riding their wave success. Expect to hear some fresh and diverse tunes over at Focus when these guys play.

They may have only gotten their feet wet in the production world but they are completely immersed in DJing. They really know what is up with music, don’t just stick to one camp and know how to tailor the sound to a crowd. They do musical consulting work for a wide host of companies, yeah never would have thought huh? I usually feel weird about that sort of work but I can’t really hold anything against these guys, they make some good tunes. Have a listen for yourself.


Soul Clap – Grown-N-Sexy (Excerpt)
(I vividly remember playing this record at Avalon Bar and someone calling it elevator house music, hahaha. I would love to party in an elevator to this!


Bad Rabbits – She’s Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Edit)


Trickski & Soul Clap – Members of the Clap


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