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Our gaze has spanned far and wide and is now firmly fixed upon the wizardry that is Beard Science. Habituate OC asks the mysterious fraternal internet disco society a little about their scientific method. Also offered up is a free edit that is available for only 1 month!


Beard Science – Outback (Oswego trail mix)


Q: How was the label created?

BS: Beard Science started life when a small group of like-minded souls got together on the DJ History forum to release their edits on vinyl. Some of us were already putting out our own productions and wanted an alternative outlet for this side of our work. Some of us didn’t know how to go about getting our tracks pressed up while others had quality material, but not enough for a solo release. From the start, the idea was for everyone to submit one track anonymously for a vote, with the winning eight being released on the next two EPs. However, the releases were not simply compiled in order of the vote results. Careful consideration went into which ones went together well or contrasted nicely.


Q: Is Beard Science a reference to the often mentioned joke of disco/funk/etc djs being old bearded fellows?

BS: The name was decided in a vote too. There were other suggestions, some slightly sinister, based on the secretive nature of the project, but in the end we went for a reference to the mythical, bearded, disco fraternity. Since most of us have never actually seen any of the other members we are not sure how many of us have beards, and the razor imagery as well as the Razor Sharp Edits series name is more about removing the beard or at least keeping them neatly trimmed.


Q: Where is the label based out of?

BS: In a sense the label is based only in a slightly old-fashioned version of the internet. We just use e-mail and a forum to communicate. All our releases have been pressed in the UK although we have considered doing some in the US as well. There are slightly more of us in the UK than anywhere else, but in the years we’ve been going we’ve had members in Brazil, Norway, Belgium, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Canada and the US.


Q: Who is the label head, and who are the major contributors?

BS: We do not have a label head as such, although throughout our existence different members have been in charge of coordinating different releases. It is difficult to say who the major contributors are because due to our selection system, everyone has contributed the same amount of tracks, although not all have made it to the vinyl releases.


Q: Any plans in the future for events, more releases, etc?

BS: Razor Sharp Edits EP6 is released this week. We’ve got material and plans for future releases although the next one will probably be the start of a new series rather than volume seven of the current one. As for events I’m not sure how those might happen, with us all spread across the globe.


Excerpts from Razor Sharp Edits 6

“Bang Bang”

“Life Is What You Make It”

“Time Twist”

“Thuper Trooper”

Buy the release here and find more Beard Science releases on discogs and soundcloud.