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distinguishable dance music only!

1. A Guy Called Gerald – Emotions Electric (Strange Fruit)
2. Mr Fingers – What About This Love (ffrr)
3. The Night Writers – Let The Music Use You ((Dancia Records)
4. The Underground Solution – Love Dancing (Strictly Rhythm)
5. Frankie Knuckles / Satoshi Tomie – Tears (Essential)
6. Neil Howard – To Be Or Not To Be
7. Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (Deconstruction)
8. Forgemasters – Track With No Name (Warp)
9. The Beat Club – Security (Atlantic)
10. Inner City – Pennies From Heaven (Virgin)
11. Ten City – That’s The Way Love Is (Atlantic)


A lot has been said about Acid House. For those of us too young to have been there it remains in our psyche as a fabled era. Many claims have been made that all that is outstanding in today’s dance music culture was created back then, in the short time period of roughly only 4 years. Habituate OC has a primary source from an Englishman who now resides in Huntington Beach, CA. Martin Worster a.k.a. Han the DJ, puts together a fresh mix of the records he collected from ’89 to ’92 and lets us know about how he viewed the days of ACID HOUSE.


The Words of Martin Worster:

“I was lucky enough to experience first hand the birth and growth of acid house in the UK and the massive influence it had on dance music and club culture for the next twenty five years. The first major party I went to was an Energy Rave in 1989 in rural Essex where 20,000 people were dancing all night (and the following day) to this new thing called house music. For me it was a total epiphany. It sounded like nothing before. There was a real sense of freedom and that something new and special was unfolding. In fact, in terms of youth cultural impact, it was to be more influential than anything – punk, soul boys, Goth, Mods, skin heads, rockers, Northern Soul – that had come before. The term ‘acid house’ refers more to the whole subculture – warehouse parties, hippy values, drugs, freedom, anti-authoritarianism, type of clothing – than specifically the music. To complicate matters more, acid music – 808 heavy squelchy Chicago acid house – was popular in London in 1987 and 88.

Musically it was a lot more free in those days, probably something to do with the Balearic spirit, and the fact that a lot less music was being made. Chicago house and Detroit techno were the main ingredient, but you’d also hear hip house, vocal house, New York garage, UK productions, African tribal rhythms, Italian piano house and electro in the mix. It made for a more varied night, rather than hearing one niche genre of music all night. Perhaps the biggest anthem of that year was Derrick May’s ‘Strings of Life’ – I would have included it on the mix but my vinyl copy is back in England locked up with thousands of other 12 inches. Of course, this mix is vinyl only. I only wish I could bottle up the atmosphere from those special times as it was truly phenomenal. The course was set for the next decade and the UK rave explosion which birthed hardcore, drum and bass (and all it’s sub-genres), progressive house, tribal house, jungle, UK garage, tech house, speed garage, big beat, 2 step, ambient, trip hop and dub step to name a few. Mixes on these genres to follow…”


For more musings by Martin Worster visit his blog.

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