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Monthly Archives: July 2012

The blog will have no new updates until Septemeber. I am gone visiting Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine and Russia!

Much Love,

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Here is a an exclusively 90’s house music mix by the guys who run the Feel My Bicep blog. The 90’s was a great time for house. It was still relatively new, but established enough to have uniformity. It made for a time where a set of house music was completely distinct from any other dance club and yet a set of house music still had a lot of variety. The Bicep Boy’s start of with the Burrell Bro’s track “I Need It^3” and keep the good feeling 90’s vibe going strong for all 120 mins!

This mix was done for The Fader.



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International Feel releases another one of DJ Harvey’s production under his alias Locussolus. Berghain is a drawn out trip, with peculiar repetition and squelching sound effects. Telephone is the exact opposite side of the dance music spectrum, it is built as a catchy pop song, with kitsch lyrics going on about touching someone on their telephone. Not sure where on a woman exactly her telephone is…

Out July 9th.



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