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distinguishable dance music only!

Typically when someone throws the term “Dutch house” around when describing the style of dance music they like, I throw up a little in my mouth. So called “Dutch House” is especially popular here in California, the commercialized “massives,” as they are called, have headlining acts who many consider “Dutch house” DJs. They play overly predictable, dirty electronic saw-tooth synthesizers and rely heavily on dramatic interludes, build-ups and drops to get a reaction out of a crowd. The biggest DJ culprits of this being Afrojack, Chuckie, Hardwell, Switch and Dirty South.

I had all but given up hope for Holland, until I found the extremely refreshing label Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! (TiNK!). It all started in 1988 when Joseph Salvador opened up the Portland Studios in Amsterdam and started recording up and coming Dutch artists. By 1990 the first TiNK! record was released with Black Tulip on production and Wendell A. Morrison on vocals.

“Jam on it” (Organic Dub)

“Jam on it” (Intensified Mix)


TiNK! defines the REAL Dutch house music sound. The label pioneered the house sound in Amsterdam in the early nineties by producing artists inspired by soul music, Chicago house music and world sounds. TiNK! was so influential that it operated as the dance music branch of EMI Records in the Netherlands from 1990 to 1992.

After over 25 releases and taking an extended hiatus until 2009, Joseph Salvador and his son Alex re-started the label, digitized the old releases and have begun to sign new artists. In the mean-time Alex Salvador and Joachim Salvador have been putting on club nights championing the Real Dutch House music sound. They have had Jeremy Underground, a huge champion of the re-surging 90’s house music sound, as their guest in past parties. Their next party has Jeremy Underground, Brawther and Malin Génie headlining!

The first new release on the label is by Malin Génie. What a come back by this label, if the future releases are this strong then I foresee very good things for the Amsterdam house music scene!


Pictures of Joseph Salvador in the Portland Studios circa 1990-92 and recent pictures of TiNK! club nights in Amsterdam’s Club Up.



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