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distinguishable dance music only!

Located at:
Los Globos
3040 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

21+ 9-late

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Yes, yet again Rhonda has brought us the best to Los Angeles. I have been waiting and hoping for someone to have the balls to bring over Bicep and surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, Rhonda has ’em. As you might have seen from previous Habituate posts, Bicep has been on point with their old school, feel good, 90’s house stompers. “Stripper” out on Love Fever Records and “Vision of Love” out on their own brand new label are in my opinion, along with the My Love is Underground releases, the benchmark for the production quality and creativity when it comes to re-hashing the 90’s house sound. Beyond their production, they are absolute music enthusiasts, you wouldn’t believe the music you can find on their blog. So anticipate a great set!

Check out the boys dropping Vision of Love in Ibiza!



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