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distinguishable dance music only!

I want to make sure the blog never turns into an annoying personal rant, so I will make these sort of posts rare.

too many breaks & too long of breaks

From a dancer’s perspective a break is exactly what it’s name implies, a break. From what you may ask, from dancing of course. But unless a club is full of people suffering with emphysema, a break is not needed every 5 minutes which is roughly every song. And unless you had dancers dripping sweat for over an hour, you don’t need the break to be over a minute and a half long.

And guaranteed, if you go over to Beatport, and check out their top 10 deep house tracks (mind you I think this is the worst way to find interesting music) you will see every single song has a break of 20 to 45 seconds. Take for example the number 1 Deep House track on Beatport right now, ironically titled Lovebreak. Or number 4 on the top ten list entitled The Edge that has a total of 3 breaks, and just so happens to sample Blood Orange’s “Sutphin Boulevard.”

There are ways around the excessive breaks in productions, one is to edit the track yourself to shorten or remove the break, or two, is to mix over the break with a beat. Try it!