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distinguishable dance music only!

Habituate’s heart lies with the authentic and unique sounds. A constant effort is made to search out new & old music alike, thus consistently expanding the definition of quality dance music.

The aim is to spotlight the corners and holes where nightlife inspired sounds of house, techno, disco, mid-tempo & soulful dance music live. Habituate will show you where it exists in real 3-dimensional life as well as where to get your media fix on the internet. Expect to find artist/label bio’s, down-loadable music, release updates, and party info.

If you want to understand Habituate’s aural/aesthetic appeal consider this as a rule of thumb: the music has to make the mind move before it moves the feet or body. A good night out is a unique situation not a cliche marketing scheme and house is a time and place, not just a 4 to the floor back beat!

The regional focus for events taking place is dedicated primarily to Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Fransisco. At times events throughout the world may be mentioned as well. Music featured will be from any vibrant dance scene or individual artistic mind on this earth.