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distinguishable dance music only!

The articles, reviews and Habituate DJ mixes you find on this site are put together by me, Steven Petropoulos.


Me in the DJ booth at Avalon Bar playing some raunchy cuts

In the dj booth playing some disco cuts

“I Have a love for the sounds that are one step ahead or behind the typical sound.”


What I’ve set out to do:

I’ve always refused to become a “one scene Steve,” so this is my venture into further expanding my dance music knowledge base. In doing so I hope to share what I find with the readers of this blog.  My one goal is to contribute to the greater dance music consciousness by featuring local and global events, productions and people.


A little about me:

I was born in ’88 and grew up listening to my Dad’s old Greek records and my Mom’s old dance mix tapes that she picked up while managing a record store in Limassol, Cyprus. When I had the privilege of my own boom box, the first CD I had on repeat was Prodigy’s ‘Fat of the Land.’ From there on out my music taste was always a venture into the quirkier and obscure tracks. By the time my interest for the art of mixing and blending came about I found myself in the digital DJing era, I soon found a pirated version of Traktor 2 on the internet and programmed my keyboard to mix. Soon after that a good friend picked up a pair of used CDJ-800’s and we would take them to whosoever house we could turn it up the loudest. After thoroughly exhausting my interest in mp3 files I soon started buying records. First I bought them as a relic to the past; I would find track lists of some of my favorite DJ sets and buy the records to hang on my wall. Soon thereafter I found myself spending hours on Discogs listening to samples of records and sifting through Amoeba LA’s expansive dance music selection. I was picking up used vinyl by the handful. After getting tired of playing my records on a crappy home stereo LP player and not being able to mix them I finally decided to commit and I got my own second hand Technics. From there on out I haven’t regretted a single second of the time or money that I’ve invested into combing through the vast ocean of vinyl that exists in this world. My music taste has grown exponentially since picking up records. I learned to love to hunt for that one elusive sound that hits all the right buttons.

Now a days my drive and passion in life is to turn people on to the over looked and under exposed gems that float around and get a dance floor moving. I live for the moments where a dimly lit space is transformed into a dance floor and homage is paid to the one of a kind sounds that a few people dared to put forth for all to hear. I’ve learned to love music regardless of fashions, hype or trends. My music taste is devoted to the artists and labels that unapologetically remain unique. I don’t have a fear of my music taste evolving, but rather standing still. The way I see it, we only have so much time in this world and way too much music to listen to, so there’s no point in sticking to one sound.