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Daniel Wang is truly one of my favorite characters in the world of DJing, producing, and partying. His absurdest nature, yet keen ear for the finer tunes both satisfy my need for not taking life to serious and my desire for seeking out the most unique facets of life. I’ve only got to catch him DJ once, and it was in Hollywood at the Eagle, where he played to a packed bar of sweaty dudes while he played air guitar and piano over the decks and proudly display album covers as he played the respective song. Mixing wasn’t on point, but the drama in his song selection and animation in delivery made it truly not matter!

This particular mix was made by Leftside Wobble, a maestro in his own right. Have a listen!


Daniel Wang – Wicked Sequence
Ilya Santana – Crystal Sea
Daniel Wang – Attitude
Daniel Wang – 24 to Vector Z
Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream
Daniel Wang – Let’s Go To Mars (Instrumental Reprise)
Block 16 – Electrokution (Daniel Wang & Brennen Green Remix)
Daniel Wang – Berlin Sunrise (Diskjokke Remix)
Daniel Wang – Shadows
Daniel Wang – Solarian Six



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