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High gloss krunk and emotionally charged diva loops in full swing on on Ejeca’s latest EP on new vinyl label W&O Street Tracks. The winners on this one are definitely the first track “Night Rays” and Waze & Odyssey’s remix of “Riddim.”




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Get your hands on these two free tracks by Ejeca and Monitor 66 courtesy of House of Disco.

Ejeca – Wish

Monitor 66 – Ambient Blackbird


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I have been posting obscure oddities and upbeat stuff for a while, and my DJ sets at gigs have been really happy so I decided to switch gears and share something more contemplative. Dance music you would close your eyes to. Ejeca is becoming one of the stand out producers in the deep dance music world, have a listen to this unreleased tidbit.



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More hand stamped limited vinyl from the peeps doing the Jisco Music/Under the Shade releases. Yes I am a sucker for the hand-stamped label art, so what??? The first one by Ejeca entitled “Tetra”sounds like it contains a sample of Mary J Blige’s “Let’s Get it Percolatin'”. Not a real fan of some R&B sexyness but the pitched up and chopped vocal works it in this track. Get down please!

Ejeca – “Tetra”

Next up, is more of those spaced out sessions that I love to get lost in. This one winds up, around, and leaves you lying face down. Close your eyes, say goodbye!

Chamboche – “Mi Senti” (sample clip)

This sample clip doesn’t do a true justice to it…

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