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Little is known about Tad Wily other than the fact that he is responsible for the Tape Love EP from Smash Hit Music. Habituate had the pleasure of this exclusive interview and mix.

Artwork by Julius Tanag.

1. Isotope 217 – <<
2. Munga – Freak (Munga's Back In The Jungle Baby)
3. Linntronix – Cool Out (Refresh)
4. Christophe – The Force (Lukas mix)
5. Justin Winks vs. Casio Social Club – Rock the Discotheque
6. Albert Cabrera – Ulticut Ups!!! Extreme Cut Up
7. The House Rockers – Everybody Do It
8. The Glimmers – U Rocked My World (Pete Herbert & Tristan Da Cunha Mix)
9. Konk – Your Life (Party Mix)
10. Master Plan – Electric Baile (Commercial Mix)
11. Shep' N Wily – One Night In Puzon
12. Ark – Stoptheball
13. Dimlite – Es Gschänk (Outro)



Q: What style of music do you produce?

A: “I’m not a big fan of genres… but if I had to choose I’d love it to be Swamp Pop, because it’s the coolest genre name out there, but I’m afraid it rather fits Beatport’s ‘Indie Dance’ description. Or you can think of it as a mess done right.”



Q: When it comes to music production, what era’s and artists do you look to for inspiration?

A: “No artists in particular, really. I tend to look for single tunes that have something unusual or inspiring in them. There’s plenty of little gems around that don’t have any important artist name written all over it, but have awful loads of character. I’ve got a soft spot for late 70’s Post Punk/No Wave stuff, early 80’s House, or Rap/Boogie tunes and various fusions of these. I’m also a big fan of weird things and small imperfections; vocals out of tune, distorted hi-hats, noisy guitar cables, etc. These things often add up to the uniqueness of stuff, which to some degree gone missing when people started to produce preliminarily on digital setups.”


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