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Located at:
Los Globos
3040 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

21+ 9-late
$10 w/rsvp

RSVP here.


I always said I would only mention something going on in LA if it is really jaw droppingly great. Rhonda is known for bringing in that sort of talent, but this time they really hit the spot. They are bringing over Nicholas and Simoncino, two of the best in the deep house world, for their first US appearances.

These Italian natives’ interpretation and perspective is fresh yet it is also a homage to the original feel of house music. There is good reason I have handfuls of their records in my collection, it is an obvious fact that these records will withstand the test of time and be classics in their own right decades from now.

You can find out more about Nicholas by reading this Habituate article “USA underground via Perugia, Italy.”

And here are some of my favorite tracks by the two Italian producers.


Simoncino – Beat the Street

Nicholas – Reachin’

Nicholas – No More



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From the amount of times I mention Italian producer Nicholas, you might think I have some bias for Italy. But truth be told I simply just love the energy and sound coming from this scene. Nicholas has showed me aspects of house I wasn’t aware of and now Simoncino has taken me another step deeper. Simoncino is quickly coming to the forefront of my thoughts when I consider what sort of house tracks I want to play out. This release comes soon after one of my favorite releases of summer; his “Beat the Street EP” on Mathematics Recordings.

Simoncino seems to be somewhat of a master of those 80’s era claps and is brave enough to bring those airy pads back into house, “All Night” is a perfect example of his unique outlook & explorations in house. Nicholas has a solid grip on the skill of sampling and looping to produce a solid groove, the piano sample in “Holdin’ On” is no exception. It’s one of his best productions and properly fitted on the Quintessential imprint.


Simoncino – All Night

Nicholas – Holdin’ On

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