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The original Costa Mesa GEM is at it again, KNOE 1 delivers this free edit for you listening and deejaying pleasure. Enjoy!




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Part 1 : Steven Petropoulos



Part 2 : Bas Elgharib



I had the pleasure of putting down a set for Plastic Love out in Los Angeles. Plastic Love is comprised of Bas Elgharib and Jimmy Maheras, two very down to earth dudes with an ear for all that is plastic and dripping with love! I put down my flavor of distinguishable dance music as always, I made sure to represent OC so I played Steven Ryback’s remix of Bill Withers and Knoe1’s edit of “Where’s My Party People.” I also made sure to represent those from abroad who have showed me some love so I finished out with Jay Shepheard and Tad Wily’s latest track “Hefty Done Me Right” and then finished it out with Jay’s edit of “The Beloved Sun Rising.”



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This post is what this blog is all about! Connecting Orange County with the greater dance music community! I got my man KNOE1 here on the edit, straight out of Costa Mesa, CA! I’m extremely lucky to have become friends with such a talented DJ and producer and even luckier to have teamed up with him on the last Habituate Party. You can expect a lot more from this guy, I’ve been over to his studio and have heard a number of projects he is working on. He keeps them under wraps until he has them tweaked just how he likes.

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extra bump (subwoofers!)

Located at:
820 West 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

This month we are looking to new selectors for the dance floor. Guests have been a part of the plan for ZAP! and it is now coming together. Knoe 1 is what you could call a seasoned veteran when it comes to the Orange County circuit. He had a long running event at Proof Bar called Alive N Direct, DJed alongside the Double Fisted Crew and the old ZAP! crew as well. Things come full circle as they say and now Knoe 1 is making his way back over to Avalon Bar for a highly anticipated set of disco cuts and dance deviations. And he is much more than just a DJ, take a listen to some of his personal edits.

West Coast Disko Dub

Microwave Boogie

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