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Cos/Mes are Koji Hanazato and Takenori Goto from Japan. This track is exactly what I’ve been needing lately, a dark winding trip! Just wish the vinyl wasn’t so damn expensive.




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Eric Duncan has been hitting the spot for me as far as the craft of the edit goes lately. I am the kind of listener who loves to get the full fledged vocal rendition out of an edit. Only teasing a split second vocal snippet in an edit can really get a dance floor wound up but if there isn’t that release into the full rendition then I am left feeling cheated. Dunks does it proper on the B side for sure, in my opinion that is the winner. It is a solid restructure and mastering of Crown Heights Affair’s “Say a Prayer for Two.”

A side is an extended jam session that could have stood alone without any vocals and been a solid track, which pretty much goes contrary to what I said, but the instrumentation is on point. That is where this is a winner, selection. The vocals though aren’t to be under estimated, they are teased in perfectly and when the vocal rendition is finally released, is a great addition. Pure dancers delight.


Side B – “On Your Knees”

Side A – “Dunks Got The Answer”

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An account of a Friday night at Avalon Bar with the DJ’s from ZAP

(4th Friday’s of the month dubbed Black Licorice)

Avalon bar is known for some of the most random and unpredictable nights in Costa Mesa. It’s an environment where the staff, entertainers and patrons don’t force a good time but instead let it come along on its own. It allows for creative conditions and it results in some interesting nights on 19th St. Many a night the crowd stumbles in from Detroit or out of their homes in near by neighborhoods, perhaps out for the infamous brown bag special or just to avoid crowds and cliches at other spots. They usually haven’t a clue as to who is hosting or if a band or DJ is playing. If the Russian beer or the occasional $1 PBR’s are in stock. If the music will be garbage or like nothing they have ever heard before. Granted some nights just don’t hit that climactic peak, but that’s the point, people are aware of that fact and so when it does turn into a good night it’s unexplainable and it’s truly special.

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